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12/04/24 22:22

Why do we need testers?

Before the Tester comes into the picture on our floor, our developers were doing testing by themselves. We found out it was not enough and we needed a new approach because from my point of view:

  • Developers may be biassed with the fact that they have developed the code, so may not test some areas as they would be confident enough that they had developed it bug free. (it’s like one always favours their own baby). 

  • They usually have an attitude of complacency and pride:
    "We take pride in what we developed. We defend ourselves “It is not my fault!”"

  • They may not think out of the box, or all possible test scenarios that can break the system as they are used to working in the same shell.

A software should be tested in a neutral way to have unbiased testing results. This can be done only by a third person (not developer themselves).

A developer is usually working under high pressures to implement requirements ASAP. Due to which quality is compromised a lot many times. So, it’s better to have a separate tester to find the critical defects, and also reduce the  integration, regression issues and it becomes costly to make the fixes afterwards, do mind as I really mean it! 

That is why we need separate testers.

Testing is not about just validating that the system is performing what it is supposed to, but importantly it is also about assuring that the system is not performing what it is not supposed to perform. As a tester I delicately do that and do it better.

  • Testing needs a NEGATIVE approach, which a developer doesn’t have. TESTING IS A DESTRUCTIVE PROCESS, A CREATIVE DESTRUCTION

  • Testing is not just after-programming evaluation, but it is a key integral part of each phase of SDLC.

  • Testers try to find faults, developers try to take pride. (Oops... no hard feeling guys)

The earlier a defect is found the less costly it is to fix.

I may sound aggressive at some lines; it’s not because I hate developers or there is some personal grudge against them, but it’s rather to emphasize the necessity and my answer to Why Tester :).

Jointly, developers and testers fulfil the requirement successfully in favor of their employers and clients.

And this is how we have improved the integration of Testing in our organisation.

(Next Blog– Testing Role and it's strategies)

Stay tuned!

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